Yonanas 987 Elite Healthy Dessert Maker


Pros & Cons:
Pros: Healthy alternative to ice cream and sugar treats. Milk free. Grat for vegetarians and vegans. Designed for extended use. Two times more powerful motor than original Yonanas. NEW recipe book with over 120 recipes. 3 year warranty.

The very best Yonanas experience can be had with the Yonanas Elite The Yonanas 987 is the quietest, most durable and most powerful Yonasas dessert maker yet produced. This is the model for bigger families or for restaurants and food establishments that would like to offer a healthy and great tasting alternative to ice cream and sugar filled fruit concoctions. The 987 turns frozen and fresh fruit and other flavorings into a delicious, healthy soft-serve treat. Great for people who are lactose intolerant or people who have eliminated all dairy from their diet like vegans.

Here is one great thing about what the product makes not what the product is. However, it gave some members of my family an excuse to buy a Yonanas. Under the new weight watchers counting system, now called PP I believe ,the entire dessert is free points, Now that is a good reason to buy and use this machine. Even under the old schedule for points, a banana was 2 points and a cup of berries was 2 points. For dessert that is a keeper.

Here is how we did it the first time and it worked great. We froze the bananas for 24 hours as instructed. Now we keep a stock of frozen bananas in the freezer ready to go because we are now hooked on the stuff. There are two of us so we put the four bananas in the Yonanas and added 1/2 cup raspberries and 1/2 cup blueberries and in about one minute we had a dessert every bit as good as either ice cream or yogurt and so very much better for you. We noticed right away that the Elite 987 is much quieter than the other units like the 901 and the 910 and way more powerful. The second time we made Yonanas we did so for a bunch of our grandkids. I now know how to be a hero. Here was a bunch of real finicky eaters and the Yonanas blew away the ice cream, because they all loved it and as health freaks we have found a way to give our little ones sweet like treats without the sweet. We did ,this time, add some Dove dark chocolate to the mix of raspberries, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries and that may have been the clincher. We will never know because when they went crazy over the flavor we left it at that. By the way dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and very little sugar.

And now that everything was made, served and gobbled up, we have a real mess to clean up, right? Wrong. Cleanup couldn't be simpler. Remove the tube and masher bits from the motor and rinse under the tap – you can put it in the dishwasher as well because, the removable parts are all dishwasher safe, but it just doesn't need it. That is it, really simple and the base can be left on the counter because the design is high tech beauty.

The Yonanas, no matter what the model, is worth buying just for the health benefits. Our country as a whole has now reached the level where 70% or greater is overweight or obese and it has been proven that both conditions will shorten your life span. You do not find people in retirement homes that are both older and healthy if they are over weight. I highly recommend this product for health reasons. The next most important reason and maybe even the first is our children are on a constant diet of fructose corn syrup and sugar. New research shows both these ingredients is a great contributor to inflammation in the body and inflammation has now been found to cause heart disease. What better reason to buy the Yonanas 987.

Other Yonanas Customer Comments

  • "I don't think this machine will ever be placed under the counter. My biggest challenge to my raw lifestyle has been my love affair with ice cream. That ended last night."
  • " It doesn't rinse right off. ~Yeah, it does. I undid my machine right after finishing the whip and rinsed it in the sink. All of the fruit came right off. I did have to apply a little soap to a sponge and move my hand back and forth on the machine for a second or two to get all the strawberry seeds out of the teeth, but this was hardly traumatizing."
  • "So far I've tried frozen bananas w/ frozen strawberries (a bit icy), frozen bananas with frozen pineapple (less icy), and frozen banana with frozen vanilla pudding - DING, DING, DING - we have a winner!"
  • This product is amazing. Not only is it healthy but the whole family loves using it. It is way better then I imagined."
  • "The ease of using, and cleaning make it stand out right on my counter top. My family kept on asking what kind of cream did I add to the bananas, and did not believe when I simply said, "Bananas".
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